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    2017 women's day off


    For celebrating Women's Holiday,the femal empolyees in our company we have a day off, so the femal colleague please finish the work first as possibility as they can or find a male...[Read More]

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    Why our regular customers choose us


    We have many cooperation with the local traders,distributors,wholesellers,chainstores,retailors in many districts and countries thanks to multi-trust,we would like to show what we did[Read More]

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    Crystal 4's social network website link


    Now, we have our information on facebook,twitter,Google+,Linked in,hoping more attention from people,Link is as the bellowing.[Read More]

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    Crystal 4 Company Limited's samples shipping policy


    Crystal 4 does not pay freight, we accept freight prepaid ,shipping by our shipping forwarder and freight colleCtion by DHL only. But now we only accept shipping battery goods by fre...[Read More]

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    About Crystal 4 Company Limited's Bank changing informtion


    We would like to announce that our bank account in Ping'an Bank is canceled, we will never use it again, so, please do not pay us via that bank, now our new bank information is as the bellows:[Read More]

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    Crystal 4's official website updated


    Now our offical website is updated, we also show our purchasing project on our website,our website has share function to facebook,twitter,google+ easily,and more pro...[Read More]

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    Crystal 4 company work starting notice for 2017


    Crystal 4 company office starts working in 8th.Feb.,2017,goods starts shipping from 10th.,Feb.,2017 ,Inspecting start from 12nd.,Feb.[Read More]

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    Holiday Notice from Crystal 4 for Chinese Tradition Spring Festival of 2017


    Crystal 4 will start holiday of 15 days from 24th, 7th.,Feb.for celebrating Chinese Spring Festival of 2017,and start working on 8th.Feb.,but we reply emails during this peri...[Read More]

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    Crystal 4 has been focusing on the needs of customers since 2013


    Established in 2013, Crystal 4 has been focusing on the needs of customers, we provide ideal and solution to our customers, helping their growth.Usually, we show our thought of an ev...[Read More]